Hello and thank you for visiting our website. We are Carrie and Nick Brett and we’d like to share our journey with you. We, like many others, have been struggling to find a happy balance between living a healthy, fit lifestyle while also still being able to going out to eat as a family and enjoying the foods we eat. We’ve seen friends and family members try the latest and greatest fad diet, only to find out that wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle. We knew that wasn’t the right solution for us. On our page you won’t find any pictures of that “Diamond in the Rough” success story. We simply want to share with you our path and what has, and is still working for us. To start, allow us to introduce ourselves.

About Carrie

My name is Carrie. I am a part-time school counselor and an extremely lucky full-time mother to our two kids! Growing up I was a gymnast and cheerleader. Although I felt relatively fit through high school, I could never stay away from those sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffins. Fast forward through a bachelors of science degree in psychology, a masters of education degree in school counseling, a beautiful wedding to the love of my life, and we finally arrive at my first pregnancy! Nick and I struggled with infertility so when I found out I was pregnant after years of doctor appointments and procedures, I was going to treat myself... One sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffin a week! Okay who am I kidding? Many of the weeks it was two. I gained 80 pounds during that first pregnancy. The funny thing is that our son is 6 and barely moves the needle on the scale! Over the next couple of years after another pregnancy and a lot of hard work (see mud runs in Nick’s story below) I was able to lose a good amount of the weight I gained, but I never felt as good as I have since starting Isagenix. During my first cleanse I lost 8 pounds. It was as though I could feel the weight melting off of me! At this point in my journey I still have a few pounds to lose, but I am also finally able to focus on toning my body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for my family and myself. Isagenix® makes it extremely easy to do just that!

About Nick

Hi, I’m Nick and yes I'm holding a cheeseburger. I was born and raised in Bloomington, Minnesota. As a kid I tried pretty much every sport before settling on hockey. I played hockey through college and continue to play a few nights a week during the winter. I have also remained active and regularly lift weights and exercise. A few years ago a good friend of mine suggested we sign up for a mud run called the Warrior Dash, which is a 5k run. As much time as I have spent working out the word runner has never been one that is used to describe me. In fact, there are few things I enjoy less than running. Nevertheless I took this as a challenege and I trained as hard as I possibly could. The entire time I kept asking myself why I’d agreed to such a thing, but I continued to train. When the day of the run came I was really pleased with how it went. Since that day I have completed a lot of mud runs, even completing the 10 mile Tough Mudder 3 times. I have signed up for this year’s run as well. It isn’t the running that I enjoy, rather the challenge and sense of accomplishment I feel when I complete it. Why am I telling you this? One might think with all that exercising and running I’d be in top physical condition. Quite the contrary. My will to force myself to exercise can’t hold a candle to my desire to eat far more than I should. I kept telling myself that since I was working out it was fine. Carrie decided to try an Isagenix cleanse and asked if I wanted to join her. Of course I couldn’t do something like that, it was just another one of those scams. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The results Carrie had were impressive to say the least. A few weeks later, when she was preparing to start another cleanse she again asked if I wanted to try. This time I made the decision to give it a shot. I took the cleanse as a challenge to lose more weight than Carrie (a challenge I of course won :)). Since then I have been a firm believer in the Isagenix system. The system forces me to be conscious of what I’m eating, so I can no longer tell myself that fifth piece of pizza won’t be a problem. I have finally found what I didn’t even know I was looking for; a system for eating that works for my lifestyle and it has helped me get my eating under control and as a result I am finally making progress towards getting the body I’ve always wanted!

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